Scenes of life Cenas da vida

realised by Aurélien Fontanet


VALE’s S11D is one of the largest mining complexes on the planet in Brazil’s Pará state. The Xikrin people have lived in the area for centuries and are now threatened by this industry. To evict the ethnic group, the factories continuously evacuate their toxic waste in the Kateté and Itacaiunas rivers.
As a result, cases of cancer and other usually rare diseases have become common among Xikrin.
The forest dies and carries with it a prosperous future. This desperate situation haunts the thoughts of the tribe and becomes the biggest concern.
The community does not bend and develops strategies to resist. Demonstrations and legal battles are being waged against these multinationals but it’s a little « David versus Goliath ». They pay sometimes, are punished a few months and then start again. As we know, the political context of Brazil has always been relatively unstable. It puts aside minorities and promotes so-called controlled deforestation. We must now hope 
for the help of NGOs, the rule of law, call for solidarity, to succeed in preserving these cultural and natural heritages.

The origins of the Xikrin told by the cacique Boitié in the language Jê.

As origens do povo Xikrin pelo cacique Boitié contada na lingua Jê.

Brazil, TI Kateté, Djudjékô, 2014

Filmed by Aurélien Fontanet

Nomadic movements and hunts of the Xikrin since a century told by Tobotokukrae in language Jé.

Movimentos nômades dos Xikrin durante um século contados por Tobotokukrae na lingua Jê.

Brazil, TI Kateté, Kateté, 2014

Filmed by Aurélien Fontanet